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The renter as well as the drivers authorized by our company and designated on the front of the present contract are required to present a valid identity card or passport, a driving license (with a minimum of 1 year of validity). The minimum age required to make a rental is set at 21 years. The rental is personal and non-transferable to another driver not listed in the rental contract and is concluded for a specific period specified on the front of this contract which will not be extended. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the tenant and the authorized drivers become fully responsible to our company or the tenant would not have respected one of the obligations of this contract to him or if a problem in the payment intervenes: rejection of the check, refusal of the credit card, exceeding the number of days of rent authorized by this contract
Our company reserves the right to immediately and automatically terminate the rental without being held to justification or compensation in the event that the tenant has not respected one of the obligations of this contract incumbent upon him.


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